• Affected Mood Records

    Affected Mood Records is a Haarlem based electronic pop, soul and house label located in The Netherlands and established end of June 2022.

    You’ll find more about this label @ the ‘About’ section.

    If you want to donate, you can donate directly via this link or an QR-code (if you’re from The Netherlands). Minimum donating is € 2,50. If you want a good quality file, after donating, please contact us, so we can send you the file of your choice. If you’re from outside The Netherlands, you can contact us, and we will send you the track(s) after payment. 5% of net. income goes to Charity.

    Coming Soon…

    New song: “My Love Is For You” will be released end of this year on all platforms. So stay tuned… watch and follow Landa Perdon on social media: Facebook, Instagram & TikTok for more details. Do you want have this track already, or do you want to use this in your set, play it on air, let us know, via this link.

    For now already a big announcement… This new beauty will already be spinned @ALLFM 96.9 Lornnah’s Friday Drive Time Show, between 5-7 pm every Friday thru out December in England. So… if you cannot wait… tune in Fridays in December.

    Released Music

    Release Date: August 18th
    Uplifting & Joyful Track
    Made by Landa, mixed by Landa.
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release Date: July 7th
    Summery blizz when the night slowly turns into morning…
    Guitar Ilan Melaard, Bass Yuri Schuijtvlot. Drum, percussion & vocals Landa.
    Produced by Ilan, Yuri & Landa. Mixed by Landa.
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release Date: May 19th
    Let the Sun in!
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release date April 21th 2023
    Always remember… in your own strength…
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release date: March 22th 2023
    How beautiful it is to feel your self love again…
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release date: February 15th 2023
    Sweet memories… always in my heart…
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF
    Release date: January 11th 2023
    The thoughts of you … forever
    5% off net income goes to charity WWF

    Release date December 28th 2022
    The song that opened up all the doors to the reason of living
    5% of nett income goes to charity WWF

    Released 2020

    Released November 20th 2020
    For my dear Friend, love you always…
    5% of nett income goes to charity WWF


    Landa Perdon

    Owner, vocalist, songwriter, producer, top-liner

    Landa Perdon is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, mix-engineer and top-liner. She is working from-out her studio @ Affected Mood Music Academy and in studio’s @ Amsterdam and Hilversum. Landa loves to work with others to reach that next level thru and with music. Her goal is to make a soul-album when the time is right. In the meantime she is finishing songs from way back and from the last 2 years.

    Avello Blue

    DJ, producer

    Avello Blue is a Dutch DJ and producer that moves back and forth from The Netherlands to the United States of America. After practicing his DJ skills for a number of years -as a teenager in his bedroom- he then made the definitive step into the house music industry with mixed flavours between Jackin’, Chicago, Underground, disco, soulful, classic, up-lifting house, obscure disco, African funk and any other genre from across the globe. If it puts a smile on your face, he will play it.

    Demo Policy

    If you want to release your track on Affected Mood Records, please send an e-mail.

    If your demo needs that next level, we can lift up your music via our mix- and mastering engineers.


    Affected Mood Records is a Haarlem based label in The Netherlands, established end of June 2022. The soul of this label is to release music that affects your mood, like music always does. We focus on releasing music in the genre electro pop, pop, soul and various house, with influences of soul, blues, jazz and funk. If you think your music is different than these genres, but you would love to release at Affected Mood Records, please share your demo here so we can discuss if we match. Coz in the end… music is universal and is crossing boundaries all the time.

    Charity: We will donate 5% of the income to a charity. We think it’s good to give something back to the world.


    Affected Mood Records

    Planetenlaan 5, Haarlem

    The Netherlands

    Chamber of Commerce: 86705571


Music Record Label: Affected Mood Records